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Silas Carvalho

Q:  How do you respond to some who have called you overrated?

ANS:  “Look, I just show up at the park, put on my uniform, and give it all I have.  I’m both thrilled and honored to wear the Sea Gull uniform and thank Mr. Sather for having enough confidence in me to offer me a contract to play in Minnesota.”

Q:  C’mon on ‘Shotgun’, give us a prediction for the coming year.  Your many fans in both Detroit and now Duluth would like to get your take.

ANS:  “Again, I leave those types of things to the sports bloggers.  My job is to show up everyday and perform.  But, since you asked, .351/.404/.465 would not be out of the question.”

Thank you, Shotgun, you are a class act.

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