The Dawn of the GLBL

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April 1st, 2015 Schedule


Thunder Bay (19-5) at Toronto (3-21)

Kingston (12-12) at Windsor (14-10)

Hamilton (13-11)at Owen Sound (11-13)


Detroit (18-6) at Traverse City (11-13)

Milwaukee (13-11) at Toledo (7-17)

Chicago (13-11) at Duluth (10-14)

There are some obvious favorites in the matchups that kick off the season but we all know ‘it ain’t over till it’s over’, in the words of Yogi.  Great news….Opening Day is just around the corner.

Big Expectations in Hamilton

  The Hamilton Mounties have signed C Paul Trent to a five year $60M dollar deal in hopes of pushing the team over the top.  Trent can also play 1b but his biggest asset is in the power department.  A cast off from the Sea Gulls became a calculated gamble for GM Alex Wobbema as he hopes that combining Trent with the number one pick in the draft, Dave ‘Mustache’ Teague will spell nothing but trouble for opposing pitchers.


Paul Trent

Teague can play both corner outfield positions and first base but, again, he’s there for his bat more than his glove.  He projects to hit for power, average, and work pitchers for walks.  It will be interesting to see if he bats before or after Trent in the line up.

With no real weaknesses in the starting rotation 1-5 Hamilton may just have captured lightening in a bottle with their plan going into 2015.

The Tale of Two GM’s

It’s Day 20 of the GLBL Inaugural Draft and the 12 GM’s have either wrapped up their personal involvement, scaled it back, or have delegated the finals selections to their staff.  Well, all but two, that is.

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The midnight oil burns late into the night in faraway Australia as GM Mike Trigwell refuses to be outdone by that young GM up north there in Thunder Bay.  Dan Courcelles continues to scour the available players looking for any edge he can find.  His most recent selection (Round 45), Ed Robinson, from Winchester VA. is a player known for his old fashioned values.  Scouts may or may not agree on whether there is enough movement to his pitches but one thing they do agree on is that Robby has 4 pitches to choose from when he is on the mound.  Whether or not Courcelles’ extra effort will pay off remains to be seen but, he’s caught the attention of the league with his hard nosed ‘stick-to-it-ism’.

Meanwhile, Trigwells’ last pick was Edison Hickman, another SP.  Edison is another of the high work ethic players that Milwaukee hopes to parlay into a 4th or 5th slot guy in the rotation.  Hickman commands three pitches, has good stamina, but tends to lack movement.  When you are a fly ball pitcher that can be trouble.  He’s 22 years old and comes from Toronto, Canada, so the time line might be pretty short on this youngster.  Yet, that’s what player development budgets are for, right?

Trigwell or Courcelles?  Who will be the last GM standing?  From my seat all bets are off.  Good luck gentleman as we wrap things up.