A view from outer space

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There are two sides to every coin and conversely there are two views of every GLBL franchise.  For those unfamiliar with the veteran GM William Atteberry, GM Toledo,  it would be easy to dismiss the 2015 version of the  Neptunes as a ‘Lost in Space’ franchise.  The parent club is 18-74, AAA Harbor Springs 34-53, and Sandusky Navigators AA 35-51.  And, while #2 in Team Prospect ratings they seem light years behind the Toronto Maples, who have incidentally won 20 more games than Toledo.

But those who have followed the savvy GM Atteberry over the years know full well he is not a guy who fell off the turnip truck and landed in the GLBL.  There is a plan at work,  Always, the plan.  The young prospects, the blue chip players working their way through high school and college that are being evaluated, the heavy reliance on staying in the black…seemingly innate forces at work that will form a consolidation.

So, before you experience the ‘huh?, what?, where did those guys come from?, remember this post and know that the vision on the ice blue planet sees the GLBL through its own lens.  A lens that will come into focus faster than you can say…….just a guess….not a prediction….2018.


Use your imagination and….

retail-and-entertainment-complex@2x      chi logo shrunk you never know what you might see.   A few weeks back no one dared imagine….any other reality than a Milwaukee Eagle pennant…..going away.  Just one month ago the Eagles had a comfortable 16 game lead over Chicago with the third place T-Birds 16.5 GB.  Slam Dunk, right?  Play out the season and try and stay away from injuries.

Well, one third of that lead has evaporated and the Chicago Architects are one game away from a single digit deficit in their pursuit of Milwaukee.  They have won 11 of 13.  They have been on a tear, simply put, but beyond the hot streak there is one stat no one in Milwaukee likes to face.  Chicago has a 12-7 advantage in head to  head play.

This might get interesting.

Martin Abresch’s All Star Selection Guide

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Read Martin’s in depth analysis of the the GLBL’s first All Star Selection candidates.

Canada. I favor Karim Berger (Thunder Bay). His .387 OBP is especially impressive, and he combines that with some decent pop (10 HR and a .458 SLG). Greg Lozano (Owen Sound) has more power (13 HR and .480 SLG), but he’s a free-swinger with an on-base percentage of only .294.
United States. A two-man race between Bill Durand (Chicago) and José Delgado (Traverse City). Durand has the best rate stats (.276/.344/.404). Delgado is a step behind at the plate (.254/.320/.399) but has the better glove.

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