Spring Training Looms


Spring Training….about to launch.  Can the Caribou defend?  Will the Eagles take the next step?  The Waveriders have signed a lot of free agents.  Will it be enough?   The Maples appear to be the most improved team…by a long shot.    Who is flying under the radar?  Lots of candidates to be sure.

Inaugural GLBL 2015 Champs

caribou-hill     thunder_bay_caribou shrunk

No one talked about it.  No one had it on their radar.  No one saw it coming.

The herd of Caribou in the picture are about as overwhelming as the 2015 version of the  Thunder Bay baseball team who stampeded their way to a pair of 4-0 sweeps over the Mounties of Hamilton and then the Architects of Chicago.

Dan Courcelles and the Thunder Bay Caribou, our 2015 GLBL Championship Team.

The Championship

                                       city of toronto                           thunder_bay_caribou shrunk                                    VS.                                        chi logo shrunk

Trevino 21 HR                                        

Trevino: 21 HR’s                Hunt:  77 RBI’s                  Moreau: 16-4


Lawrence: 26 HR’s           Parmentier:  330 BA        Cardny:  2:16 ERA

The Canadian Thunder Bay Caribou led by Dan Courcelles will take on the Chicago Architects in the first ever meeting between the two leagues.  Al Borie is the GM for Chicago.


The League Championship Series

USA      eagles_0060B6_FF0000_FFFFFF_0060B6_0060B6_FFFFFF_0060B6_FF0000 shrunk   VS   chi logo shrunk

The Stats:

  • Eagles led the league in Slugging
  • Architects led the league in Homers and Runs
  • Architects steal almost 2x more bases than the Eagles
  • Eagle Catchers are more than 3% more efficient in throwing runners out
  • Eagle pitching yields the least amount of HR’s and total Runs
  • The teams committed an identical amount of errors, 63 to lead their league
  • Team vs Team….Architects hold the  edge 18-10

CAN   hamilton_mounties shrunk  VS   thunder_bay_caribou shrunk

  • Mounties led the league in Runs Scored
  • Caribou led the league in Homers
  • Caribou led the league in Walks
  • Mounties led the league in Runs surrendered (fewest)
  • Caribou led the league in ERA
  • Mounties led the league in fewest errors and largest ZR
  • Caribou Catchers throw out 10% more base runners
  • Team vs Team….Mounties have the 16-12 edge

39 & 39

RBI_alone_logo    duluth_sea_gulls shrunk

This RBI Leader has earned his wings…

    His team won’t make the post-season.  They will finish 2015 with a losing record.  It’s not an exaggeration to say they are buried in the standings and the news.  Anonymity?  The franchise has it, like or not.

But, for those who follow Duluth, and the GLBL in detail, Jean Carlier is not an obscure baseball player.  Lacking the flash of younger players and the press that often accompanies the hot prospects, this classy vet is waging war on USA pitching.  At 39 years, and 39 days, Jean Carlier is leading the USA league in RBI’s with 81.  Actually, he is leading all of the GLBL in RBI’s.  He’s known as the Team Leader by everyone but himself and because of that old school humility, he garners the admiration of fans and teammates alike and is without question the face of the franchise.

Jean Carlier has won the hearts of the entire city and organization in Duluth.  How many games remain in the career of the pride of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario is subject to speculation.   Yet, barring injury or unforeseen circumstances the Sea Gulls faithful expect Jean to return to Sea Gull Stadium again next season fulfilling at least the final year on his contract.   Keep those RBI’s coming Jean!