When an Eagle soars

What is it like to see a team win 18 in a row?  What are the odds that a very good team could achieve that feat in a well balanced league?  To further accentuate the oddity of it all, how likely is it that a team with a record of 27-31 just prior to the streak would be the team to achieve it?


Whatever the odds the Milwaukee Eagles defied them to win 18 straight in the middle of the 2034 season.  The hot streak propelled the Eagles into second place, yet still trailing the Chicago Architects by 10 games after their three game losing streak on the heels of the big 18.

Duluth was victimized seven times during the streak to lead the four losing teams in the loss department.  It was Traverse City, a loser three times between June 20-22, who finally put the knockout blow in place as they clobbered Milwaukee 12 to 4.

By all accounts this record may never be shattered.  But, it is baseball and we know that records are made to be broken.  Congrats to those Eagles for entertaining the GLBL with their dazzling display of winning baseball.







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