Pedro Morales First Ever to 3,000 Hits

On a cloudy Tuesday evening with a hint of fall in the air, 39,919 Bears fans witnessed a milestone: Pedro Morales’s 3,000th career hit.

Early in the evening he registered 2,999 with a line drive single off Detroit Thunderbirds starter Terry Noble. With all in attendance on their feet—including both dugouts and bullpens—Morales returned to the plate in the fourth. He again faced Noble, but this time it was with the bases loaded. The tension in The Den was palatable, could Pedro reach the previously thought unattainable with a grand slam?

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When an Eagle Soars

What is it like to see a team win 18 in a row? What are the odds that a very good team could achieve that feat in a well-balanced league? To further accentuate the oddity of it all, how likely is it that a team with a record of 27-31 just prior to the streak would be the team to achieve it?

Whatever the odds, the Milwaukee Eagles defied them to win 18 straight in the middle of the 2034 season. The hot streak propelled the Eagles into second place, yet still trailing the Chicago Architects by 10 games after their three game losing streak on the heels of the big 18.

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Detroit Rookie No Hits the Gulls—and Loses!

Dan Pollard

In his major league debut, Detroit starter Dan Pollard tosses eight no-hit innings. His reward? His first major league loss.

Without getting a hit, the Duluth Gulls manufacture two runs. Meanwhile, Duluth’s pitching shuts out the Detroit Thunderbirds. Duluth beats Detroit, 2-0.

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The Series MVP

Twenty five year old Geoff Boyd was the MVP for the 2021 post-season. Boyd collectively batted .319 with 15 hits and swiping 7 bases in as many attempts. But of the two series he saved his best for Chicago as the final seven games he collected hits in each contest 3, 1, 2, 1, 2, and 1 for a total of 10 hits. He batted in 5 and scored 6. An avid fisherman in his spare time, he plans to just “chill out” over the coming months.

Godzilla at the Plate

Guillermo García

When you are 23 years old and playing at the GLBL level, you are usually riding the bench hoping for an opportunity for a spot start here and there, always with the hope that you impress the manager enough to give you another opportunity, hopefully in the form of a start. Less likely, but still possible, you might be the benefactor of a long term injury to a player that moves you up the depth chart (Google Wally Pipp).

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Once is Good, Twice is Better

On July 16, 2021, Jean Vilain handcuffed the Traverse City Bears, striking out 11, walking but two, and allowing no hits in the 2-0 No-No for the Waveriders. For Jean, it was deja vu all over again as two years ago, while pitching for the Toronto Maples, he shut down the Windsor Vigilantes racking up six strikeouts, yielding two walks, and allowing zero in the hit column.

With seven no-hitters in the six-year history of the GLBL, Vilain now owns two of them.