John Davis Recognition

Left fielder John Davis, an All-Star in eight of his nine seasons with the Comets between 2029-37, returned to Kingston with the ‘September’ call-up crew. After signing with Windsor in 2038, Davis spent time at Triple-A Leamington, putting up decent numbers but never getting any playing time in the majors.

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Where is Walt James’s Bat Today?

We know where the man is physically located—at the Bay of Quinte, midway between Kingston and Toronto. This little fishing village is home to the Triple-A Herons where Walt James plays his baseball these days. But it wasn’t always this way for James as but two years ago he was east of this sleepy village, stealing bases, hitting extra base hits, and posting a 3.8 WAR for the Kingston Comets, part of the GLBL.

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Make Room for the #7 Prospect

Roberto Nieto

Roberto Nieto is on his way to the majors. The seventh overall prospect has risen through the minors at a meteoric pace. The 2021 sixth overall pick has already graduated from Double-A in half a season and is now raising eyebrows at Triple-A Pointe Pelee.

Nine home runs in 166 at bats, a 36/44 BB/K rate, a .417 on-base percentage, a .506 slugging percentage, and two stolen bases in two attempts all point to a four-tool player in the making (slow afoot). His six assists in the outfield speak to the potential for a cannon for an arm. Look for the Oakdale, Minnesota native and graduate of Western Ontario to make his mark sooner rather later in the Great Lakes Baseball League.

BB/K King

At the age of 35, Kevin ‘Wino’ Thomas continues to demonstrate the ability to read the pitches and determine whether to swing or take the free pass. This year K.T. has worked the walk 48 times and fanned but 28. His lifetime BB/K ratio is 502 to 330. With his .351 batting average, he is a force to reckon with batting out of the #2 hole. With speedster Ben Wotherspoon batting lead-off you might say the hit & run is a pretty nice option for General Manager David J.

Could He Hit .400?

With 59 games played and 223 at bats logged, the GLBL has a player hitting .395. Carl MacNiven has flown under the radar of many having played for a team that is not very often in the mix for a playoff berth. He’s a prankster that keeps the Neptunes loose in the dugout, but in the batters box he’s anything but funny to the opposing pitchers. In 2017 and 18, Carl hit .344 and .355, but this season he is eclipsing even those stellar performances. Think he can’t do it? He’s had two hits or more in seven of the last eight contests. A long shot? Yes. But with each week his average is going up, not down.

The Most Dominant GLBL Pitcher?

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abstract pitcher                      Henri Francois

Henri Francois, born in Montague, Prince Edward Island, is perhaps one of the more dominating pitchers in what has been dubbed ‘a pitchers league’.  Below are the CAREER categories that Henri leads the GLBL:

ERA: 1.68

Winning Percentage:  80%

Walks/Hits IP:  0.83

Opponents B.Avg:  .194

Opponents OBP:  .226

Opponents OPS:  .501

Wins Above Replacement:  8.8

If you are wondering which direction he is heading (up or down) consider that in the last 38 IP he’s yielded one run, a solo homer to CHI’s Brett Garrett.