Sim Schedule 2024

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Sim Schedule 2024

Post by commish » Sun Feb 25, 2018 12:12 am

Conclusion of Championship series sim to Off-season

Monday - Sim 1 day
Tuessday- Sim to awards and enter Oct. 21
Wednesday- Sim to day before arbitration Oct. 27 (last day to adjust arbitration offers)
Thursday - Sim to Jan. 1 - draft begins, Free Agency kicks off; Drafting for Rookies
Friday -sim (5 days) Jan. 6

-sim (5 days) Jan. 11
-sim 5 days Jan. 16
-sim 5 days to Jan. 21
sim 5 days to Jan. 26

: Sim to Feb 18 (if more time needed for draft)

Sim to march 1 IAFA announced; input draft;

sim to 1 day before ST; finalize budgets
sim to day of ST; set line-ups
sim 1/2 ST
sim final half of ST and up to day before regular season
no sim, pause one day
Sim 4 days to begin season (Mandatory export)
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