Sim Schedule-2015

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Sim Schedule-2015

Post by commish » Wed Dec 09, 2015 1:43 am

Real Date In game Date post-sim Season 2015 of GLBL Exports due: 7:30 AM EST

Last Edit 26-2-16

15-Dec/ 5-Jan upload a new league file with park changes, released players, AA age limit removed-DONE
16-Dec/ 5-Jan No sim-DONE
17-Dec/ 10-Jan Free Agency and Trading Open - DONE
18-Dec/ 15-Jan Free Agency and Trading Open - DONE
21-Dec/ 20-Jan Free Agency and Trading Open - DONE
22-Dec/ 25-Jan Free Agency and Trading Open - DONE
23-Dec/ 30-Jan Free Agency and Trading Open - DONE
27-Dec/ 1-Feb Sim up to IAFA - DONE but only to Feb.1 Will sim up to Feb.25 once I have new exports
The next sim will go to Feb.25....DONE
28-Dec/ 3-Mar Last day to change financials- DONE
29-Dec/ 4-Mar Sim to ST - DONE
30-Dec/ 18-Mar Sim 2 weeks ST - DONE
31-Dec/ 30-Mar Sim 13 days ST to day before opening day. - DONE
Set rosters. Mandatory export
1-Jan/ 4-Apr April 1 is opening day & Sim 4 days of opening week - DONE
4-Jan/ 8-Apr Done
5-Jan/ 12-Apr DONE
6-Jan/ 16-Apr DONE
7-Jan/ 20-Apr DONE
8-Jan/ 24-Apr DONE
Commish in Mexico from 1-9 to 1-17
18-Jan/ 28-Apr DONE
19-Jan/ 2-May DONE
20-Jan/ 6-May DONE
21-Jan/ 10-May DONE
22-Jan/ 14-May DONE
25-Jan/ 18-May DONE
26-Jan/ 22-May DONE
27-Jan/ 26-May DONE
29-Jan/ 30-May DONE
1-Feb/ 3-Jun DONE
2-Feb/ 7-Jun DONE All Star Voting Opens-Mandatory
3-Feb/ 11-Jun DONE
4-Feb/ 15-Jun DONE
5-Feb/ 19-Jun DONE
8-Feb/ 23-Jun DONE
9-Feb/ 2-Jul- DONE
10-Feb/ 6-Jul DONE
11-Feb/ 10-Jul DONE
12-Feb/ 14-Jul DONE
15-Feb/ 18-Jul DONE
16-Feb/ 22-Jul DONE
17-Feb/ 26-Jul DONE
18-Feb/ Commish in Martinique until March 7 No sim this day
25-Feb 30-Jul Done Last opportunity for a trade

(44) 27-Feb/ 3-Aug DONE
(45) 29-Feb/ 7- Aug DONE
(46) 1-March/ 11 - Aug DONE
(47) 3-March/ 15 - Aug DONE
(48) 5-March/ 19 - Aug DONE
(49) 6-March/23 - Aug DONE
(50) 7-Mar/ 27-Aug Done
(51) 8-Mar/31-Aug Done
(52) 9-Mar/4 Sept Done
(53) 10-Mar/5 Sept Done
(54) 11-Mar/ 7 Sept done
(55) 13 Mar/ 10 Sep Playoffs Begin - Games 1 @ 2 - done
(56) 14 Mar/ 14 Sep Games 3-4-5 done
(57) 15 Mar/ 17 Sep Championship games 1 @ 2 done
(58) 16 Mar/ 21 Sep Championship games 3-5 done
Post Season Complete

Awards Voting open - Mandatory (commish manually inputs) done

Commish Notes:
For All Star Voting: sql files as normal.. then go to the all star link, then all star admin change settings, enable voting and save
Always stop 1 day short of ST; Sim 1 day next sim
Always stop 1 day short of Season Opener
Change the date of the rookie draft to the off-season (currently June, 2016) ACTION ITEM - done
Plan the All Star Game in the Schedule in Advance ACTION ITEM - done
GLBL Commish

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