GLBL Rules

  • League champions and second place play best of 7 (2H-3A-2H champ home advantage)
  • Championship series also best of 7 (2H-3A-2H most wins home advantage)
  • Edit November 7, 2019:  Ties will be decided by a 1 game playoff.  Home field advantage will be decided with Head to head record, the better record getting home field advantage.  If the record is equal Run Differential will be the deciding factor.  If that is equal, coin flip.
  • NEW (1-25-21) Roster changes for injured players will be allowed after the file is posted.  DL new file, make the change, export.
  • No playoffs in minor leagues
Sim schedule
  • 4 days per sim regular season (Sims M-F – exports due 7:00  EST)
  • Off-season and pre-season sim lengths to be determined
  • Schedule: 144 games ML (AAA & AA – 132 games)
  • Inter-league: 24 games
  • New! (7-3-20) Each year we will stop the on July 31, the Trade Deadline.
Contracts (Free Agent & Extensions)  updated 11-2-21
    1. Maximum contract length of 6 years for any player
    2. Free agents can only be signed during the regular season, off-season or pre-season window. FA’s cannot be signed during the playoffs by any teams.
    3.  No opt outs.  This will be disabled in game so you can’t offer it.
    EXTENSION GUIDELINES  edit 11-2-21
  • Maximum contract length of 6 years for any player
  • No Opt out contracts (disabled in game). 
  • Vesting options criteria must be realistic (the Commissioner will have final say)
Free Agency
  • Free agents may only be signed during the regular season and off-season through Opening Day
  • Free agents may not be signed by any team during the post-season (unless the offer was made prior to the start of the post-season)
  • There is no compensation for lost free agents
  • 2012 CBA Rules are not in effect
  • All trades will be posted and confirmed in Slack before being processed (trades may also be posted in-game, but SLACK is a requirement).
  • How to list a trade.  Example below:
This would be the correct protocol to execute and list a trade when you are moving a player off your Active Roster to a new team and need to bring up a player from the minors:
SET YOUR TRADED PLAYER STATUS TO DFA (if he was on the 25 man).  Trades are processed BEFORE the sim so you will not lose him.  Then move up your MINOR league player and place him where you want him in the line up.
If you need the New Player acquired put into the Active Roster make sure there is room on the roster and leave instructions with your trade confirmations.
Note:  Minor league player assignments are handled by the game.  The commish does not insert the minor league player into the line up.  That move is reserved only f
  • Jan. 1 is the first opportunity to make a trade after the in-season deadline (8-16-19)
  • Draft picks cannot be traded
  • Recently drafted players can be traded
  • Veterans cannot veto a trade
  • Cash can be included in trades
  • If you retain salary, it is by percentage (not dollar amount) and applies equally to each guaranteed year
  • The Commissioner may cancel a trade if he feels it harms team or league integrity and will only happen in extremely lopsided trades
  • (update 4-15-20) The requested format for listing a trade in SLACK confirmed trade channel is as follows, aka line by line:
Chicago receives:
  • Marcus Tait, GLBL –  Det retains 10 % of salary (salary % must be increments of 5%)
  • Silas Carvallo, AA
Det receives:
  • Bill Durand, GLBL
  • Arvin Northeast AAA
Chicago confirms.
Det confirms.
Build a scout is the format for the league.  GM’s can submit their preferences to the commissioner from the beginning of the off season to before pre-season.  There are four choices that must be designated with values not to exceed 10.
GOOD  is worth 1 point.  100 is the midrange setting that the commissioner will use.
EXCELLENT is worth 2 points.  130 is the midrange setting.
OUTSTANDING is worth 3 points.  160 is the setting.
LEGENDARY is worth 4 points.  190 is the setting.
Scout profile is a choice of one of the following:
Highly Favor Tools, Favor Tools, Neutral, Favor Ability, Highly Favor Ability
Amateur Draft
  • The draft will be input held on or about June 30
  • The draft will be 10 rounds conducted in Statsplus
  • Non-post-season teams will draft in inverse order or winning percentage – ties broken based on head-to-head record (better record drafts first) and if still tied, by coin flip
  • Post-season teams that do not reach the final will draft 9th and 10th, in inverse order – ties broken based on head-to-head, then better run differential, then coin flip
  • The champion drafts last, the runner-up 11th
Pace of the Draft (2-22-20)
  • Round 1: 24 hours
  • Round 2:  12 hours
  • Rounds 3 to completion:  6 hours.
Roster Rules
  • ML roster 25 man limit – AAA and AA both 30 man limit
  • The Spring Training roster will be expanded to 30, but must be down to 25 men for Opening Day
  • International Complex limited to 20 men
  • A minimum 4-Man rotation must be in place for the regular season (minimum 3-Man in the post-season)
CEI (Career Ending Injury) Rule
  • Players LESS than 27 years of age at the time of a CEI may be reduced (at the GM’s discretion) to a period of ONE year from the final injury diagnosis – In other words, if your player has a torn labrum and is estimated to be lost for 1 year recovery time and 3 months later the final diagnosis is ‘career over’ the one year clock begins after the 3 month diagnosis

NEW 4-8-22 Rule Changes require 9 votes to change.  Commissioner may vote

Edited 2-26-21
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