GLBL Settings






  • Financials: ON
  • Designated hitter: NO
  • Coaches: OFF
  • Scouts: ON
  • Rule V: NO
  • Scouting Accuracy: High
  • Scouting reports: Monthly
  • Suspensions: ON
  • Drug suspensions: OFF
  • Injury frequency: LOW
  • Injury proneness rating: HIDDEN
  • Position player fatigue: AVERAGE
  • Ratings and Potential Scale: 1-5
  • Show ratings > Max: NO
  • Show potential <Max: No adjust
  • Overall/Potential Rating: STARS
  • Overall rating based on ALL players, not positions
  • Average attendance: 30,000
  • Visiting team’s gate share: 20%
  • National media contract: $50M (Same for all teams)
  • Average local media contract baseline: $12M
  • Average merchandise revenue baseline: $15M
  • Owner does NOT control budget, all revenue available
  • Revenue sharing: 20% of Income
  • Cash maximum: $25,000,000
  • Average player development budget: $10M
  • Average scouting budget: $10M
  • Gate revenue split:  Home 80% and Visitor 20%


  • Salary arbitration: 3yrs
  • Free agency: 6yrs
  • Minor league free agency: 6yrs
  • International amateur free agents: (Few 6)
  • International amateur signing cap: $3M
  • International scouting discoveries per team: (Few 3)
  • International established free agents: (Few 2)
  • Free agents from independent leagues: (Default 2)


  • Batter Aging Speed .600
  • Batter Dev. Speed 1.000
  • Pitcher Aging Speed .700
  • Pitcher Dev. Speed 1.000
  • Talent change randomness 100
  • Morale system ON


You can build a new ballpark every after using your existing park for 18 years, or more.
Once you state the intention to move to the new park, it will take two years to finish.
So, every 20 years you are eligible to begin play in the new park.
Cost: There is no cost.Guidelines:
1.      No park factor can exceed .85 or 1.15 for DOUBLES, TRIPLES, HOME RUNS
2.      No Batting average factor can exceed .98/ 1.02 factors
3.      Ballparks are mandatory 40,000 seating
4.      You can name your park pending commissioner approval
Apply in the Ballpark thread before we have passed Award Voting..

For existing Ballparks that are not new, Batting Average factor has been grandfathered to comply with this setting

AVG RHB .98 to 1.02   AVG LHB  .98 to 1.02

Ballpark Management will have a new dynamic in place at the conclusion of the 2033 Season.  Details soon.

Edited Jan 16, 2021