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Showdown Time

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The Toronto Maples seemingly own the Hamilton Mounties by virtue of their 14-8 edge over the season.  The last time the Maples visited Hamilton they dropped the first two games of the series but somehow pulled out a 3-2 win in the finale managing but 2 hits as the Mounties wasted a fine performance by Tate Crosby (8 IP/2 hits/1 BB/8 K’s….but 2 HR’s).   Prior to that contest Hamilton had a 5 game lead over the 37-39 Toronto club.  But, things have flipped since that June afternoon.

Hamilton will have to do without their big bat and 4 time All Star Dave Teague for this series.  Meanwhile, the Maples will do without a bevy of players and not the least their big first baseman Stephen Gilbert (22 HR’s in 116 games).

How close are these teams?  Toronto has a season run differential of +17 while Hamilton one of +19.  The Maples are 28-20 post all star while the Mounties have struggled with a 22-25 record.  The teams are separated by 2.5 games so clearly Hamilton must win at least 2 of 3.

The Mounties have been averaging +37,000 crowds during their 30-24 home season and tickets will be scarce for this set.  The Maples actually play better on the road at 35-29.  Should be a good one!

The Mid Summer Magic Maples

The Toronto Maples are looking every bit like a playoff team for the first time in their history.  After a typical April/May where they played 26-31 ball June ‘changed their tune’ with a 14-9 record and July ‘they let it fly’ (thanks Paul Simon) going 19-10.  This morning their record is 59-51 as they find themselves 5 games back of the league leading Windsor Vigilantes.

The Maples lead the Canadian League in Runs Scored, OBP, and Batting Average.  The Starting Pitching is ranked 3rd.

   Kevin Thomas…just 1 HR but a .343 BA and a .432 OBP means he’s the ultimate table setter.  His 135 hits is only second to one player in the league.

  Hilton Madore, LF, leads both leagues in Hits with 146 and he has 15 HR’s.

  Henri Francois, quite possibly the pitching face of the GLBL has not missed a beat since he defected from the World Champion Milwaukee Eagles as he has a 12-3/ 1.96 ERA line for Toronto.

  Stephen Gilbert 1b in his 3rd season with Toronto gets better and better with the bat as he has turned in a .284/.377/.513 line up to now.

  When it comes to closers, lights out closers, River Guiterrez is the man.  River is practically unhittable as he has allowed 26 hits and 8 walks in 46 innings pitched which translates to a 0.38 ERA and a 0.72 WHIP.  No surprise as this guy has turned in WHIP’s of 0.76 and 0.77 in previous years.  His K/BB ration is 12.9.

The Hamilton Mounties trail Toronto by 4.5 games so the fortune of the Maples could go either way.  Some big Sunday – Tuesday series coming up this week and next as Toronto faces Hamilton next week and Windsor the week after.


The curious case of Kevin Boivins ‘D’

hamilton_mounties           Kevin Boivin, Hamilton Mounties…could it be???    mini_gold_glove_out_of_box_1_0

Some of you may remember our discussion in 2017 that revolved around the defense, or lack thereof, of the Milwaukee Eagles.  Kevin Boivin, acquired early in the season from the Traverse City Bears was playing 1B for the Eagles.  Or, trying to play might be a better description.  Boivin committed a whopping 23 errors in 123 games at first for Milwaukee and even added a single error in 3 innings of play in RF.

Well, Milwaukee sought another direction in the off-season and on Oct. 16 Kevin found himself a free agent and he stayed that way until March 9 when the Hamilton Mounties inked him to a one year deal ($8M).

Boivin has given the Mounties the offense they were seeking when they signed him (.264/.384/.488), pretty much his career average from the dish.

What is a bit surprising is that while playing three positions (mostly 1B) he has not committed a single error all year long.  Twenty six games at first and a total of nine games in the OF and Kevin is flawless.

Maybe it was the change of scenery, or could it be he is happier in Canada???; it’s hard to say but he clearly is a player worthy of the ‘past results do not guarantee future performance’.  Could this man actually win a gold glove in what can only be termed a defensive renaissance year for him?  A long way to go but you can’t count him out.


Toronto & Kingston

Time for a break.

T-Birds Run the Table


The Detroit Thunderbirds ran the table in Traverse City opening week as they captured three road wins to begin 3-0, the only team to be undefeated.  Silas Carvalho, winner of the 2015 Lake Erie Bat and Lake Superior Player Awards led the way stroking 6 hits in 12 AB’s.

Silas Carvalho

39 & 39

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This RBI Leader has earned his wings…

    His team won’t make the post-season.  They will finish 2015 with a losing record.  It’s not an exaggeration to say they are buried in the standings and the news.  Anonymity?  The franchise has it, like or not.

But, for those who follow Duluth, and the GLBL in detail, Jean Carlier is not an obscure baseball player.  Lacking the flash of younger players and the press that often accompanies the hot prospects, this classy vet is waging war on USA pitching.  At 39 years, and 39 days, Jean Carlier is leading the USA league in RBI’s with 81.  Actually, he is leading all of the GLBL in RBI’s.  He’s known as the Team Leader by everyone but himself and because of that old school humility, he garners the admiration of fans and teammates alike and is without question the face of the franchise.

Jean Carlier has won the hearts of the entire city and organization in Duluth.  How many games remain in the career of the pride of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario is subject to speculation.   Yet, barring injury or unforeseen circumstances the Sea Gulls faithful expect Jean to return to Sea Gull Stadium again next season fulfilling at least the final year on his contract.   Keep those RBI’s coming Jean!

Use your imagination and….

retail-and-entertainment-complex@2x      chi logo shrunk you never know what you might see.   A few weeks back no one dared imagine….any other reality than a Milwaukee Eagle pennant…..going away.  Just one month ago the Eagles had a comfortable 16 game lead over Chicago with the third place T-Birds 16.5 GB.  Slam Dunk, right?  Play out the season and try and stay away from injuries.

Well, one third of that lead has evaporated and the Chicago Architects are one game away from a single digit deficit in their pursuit of Milwaukee.  They have won 11 of 13.  They have been on a tear, simply put, but beyond the hot streak there is one stat no one in Milwaukee likes to face.  Chicago has a 12-7 advantage in head to  head play.

This might get interesting.

Detroit’s Shotgun


   That sound you hear down at the corner is not a crime in the act of taking place.   Not unless you consider what Silas ‘Shotgun’ Carvalho is doing to South of the Border pitching.  In a league that has been dubbed the “The Pitching League” Silas stands apart from the crowd.  How apart from the crowd?  Here are the top three hitters:

.409  Carvalho  (DET)

.317  Li  (MIL)

.317  Longchamps (MIL)

The numbers speak for themselves.  Can this T-Bird hit .400 in the inaugural season?  Seems impossible but 47 games and 217 PA’s argue that it might be done.  All eyes on Detroit’s Silas Carvalho.

In Control

A Waverider in Control….

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The #1 Pick of the Owen Sound Waveriders in the inaugural draft was Tate ‘Ape’ Crosby.  The 5-1 Crosby has helped propel the 21-19  Waveriders close enough to the Thunder Bay Caribou to catch their attention, now just 4 games back.  Tate has a fine ERA of 3.40 and his K rate of 39 in 45 IP is better than average, too.  So, what makes this RHP stand out from the rest?  Control.  Crosby has just 3 free passes all season which translates to a WHIP of 0.93.

All eyes are on the ‘The Apeman’s’ recovery as he was pulled in the 2nd inning of his last outing with a sore shoulder.  A club spokesperson has listed him as day to day.

Can they be Grounded?

eagle         eagles_0060B6_FF0000_FFFFFF_0060B6_0060B6_FFFFFF_0060B6_FF0000 shrunk

Is the season over in the USA League?

30 Wins and 10 Losses.  Frightening when you consider it.

Consider that they are first in:

Batting Average, Runs Scored, Team ERA, Runs Allowed and too many other categories to mention.

They TC Bears have won 7 in a row to push them over .500 while gaining a paltry one game on the Eagles in doing so.  The Detroit Thunderbirds, the only other +.500 team in the USA, have a 2-6 record against the Eagles.  The aforementioned Bears?  1-5 vs. Milwaukee.

So far the single most descriptive word for Milwaukee?  Domination.  Pundits are speculating that the inaugural year may see some records set that will last a long time.  There are a few out there that say, ‘there is still time’, but that camp is dwindling with each passing day.

So, 40 games played and an 8.5 game lead.