The Batting Crown Race

Guillermo García

Godzilla Garcia is not only threatening to hit .400, but he is actually raising his average as this past week saw his batting line go from .420 to .423. In last evening’s contest he went 3-for-4 against the Neptune’s with a double. Toledo managed to win 6-1 as their challenger for the batting title, Carl MacNiven, went 2-for-4 with his own double to ease his average back up to .389, yet at the same time quieting conversation about whether he might hit .400.

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Godzilla at the Plate

Guillermo García

When you are 23 years old and playing at the GLBL level, you are usually riding the bench hoping for an opportunity for a spot start here and there, always with the hope that you impress the manager enough to give you another opportunity, hopefully in the form of a start. Less likely, but still possible, you might be the benefactor of a long term injury to a player that moves you up the depth chart (Google Wally Pipp).

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MacNiven Presses On

Carl MacNiven

After 59 games he was hitting .395. Having played 106 games, Carl is now at .396 and definitely capturing the attention of stat freaks all over the Great Lakes area.  Is the 36 year old second sacker distracted with all the media attention?

Carl had this to say: “Are you serious? We’ve got a pennant to win. Anything else is back seat stuff, mister.”

Could He Hit .400?

With 59 games played and 223 at bats logged, the GLBL has a player hitting .395. Carl MacNiven has flown under the radar of many having played for a team that is not very often in the mix for a playoff berth. He’s a prankster that keeps the Neptunes loose in the dugout, but in the batters box he’s anything but funny to the opposing pitchers. In 2017 and 18, Carl hit .344 and .355, but this season he is eclipsing even those stellar performances. Think he can’t do it? He’s had two hits or more in seven of the last eight contests. A long shot? Yes. But with each week his average is going up, not down.