Detroit Rookie No Hits the Gulls—and Loses!

Dan Pollard

In his major league debut, Detroit starter Dan Pollard tosses eight no-hit innings. His reward? His first major league loss.

Without getting a hit, the Duluth Gulls manufacture two runs. Meanwhile, Duluth’s pitching shuts out the Detroit Thunderbirds. Duluth beats Detroit, 2-0.

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Quite the Championship Series

The Duluth Sea Gulls won their first ever USA Championship with an 82-62 record than rallied from 0-2 to finally overtake the back-to-back Great Lakes League Champs, the Chicago Architects, in a tight seven-game series for the rights to represent the USA in the Championship Series. Having scored 563 runs they had offense enough to get the job done, but would the pitching hold up?

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