Bears are Champs

The Traverse City Bears were the last team standing in 2040, doing it the hard way as the Wild Card. A team that was good enough to take down the favorite Chicago Architects was not going to be stopped by the Canadian Wild Card entry, the Hamilton Mounties (79-65). Just 74-70 in the regular season the Bears found a way to bring it all together come playoff time.

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Traverse City Earns Their First GLBL Championship

The Traverse City Bears, making only their second post-season appearance in team history, made the most of the opportunity. The Bears finished first in the USA, another first for the club. When Toledo closed out the regular season by besting the Architects in the added game, it set the stage for more dramatics.

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Godzilla at the Plate

Guillermo García

When you are 23 years old and playing at the GLBL level, you are usually riding the bench hoping for an opportunity for a spot start here and there, always with the hope that you impress the manager enough to give you another opportunity, hopefully in the form of a start. Less likely, but still possible, you might be the benefactor of a long term injury to a player that moves you up the depth chart (Google Wally Pipp).

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