Mounties Streak to Title #3

The Hamilton Mounties caught lightning in a bottle the last month of the season. They took the GLBL by storm as they surged their way to the Canadian Wild Card and defied what appeared to be a non-postseason year.

Once they caught fire, the flame burned even brighter as they defeated favored Owen Sound Waveriders in four games. If you were not convinced by thenm you only had to watch the Championship Series against the 89-55 Chicago Architects. The Mounties just could not be stopped as they dispensed with the other favored team in six games.

When the dust settled from this amazing performance, the Hamilton Mounties had captured their third title, putting them one behind the Thunder Bay Caribou as both teams are chasing the most successful franchise in the history of the league: Chicago the team that owns seven championships.

Lewis MacEwen went 18-8 and captured the coveted Lake Michigan Pitcher of the Year Award. His 4.7 WAR in 223 innings pitched qualified him as a legitimate ace and a bulldog on the mound.

Lewis has done nothing but improve over the past three to four years as the above graphic illustrates.

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